I have recently shared some Kids Discover apps to the Cube for Teachers database as a science and social studies curriculum resource.

Kids Discover is by far one of my favourite app companies to enhance science and social studies lessons. Each app focuses on a single non-fiction subject. These apps are extremely interactive and provide developmentally appropriate reading, videos and activities. I would highly recommend these apps for grades 4 to 6 as they align well with the Ontario curriculum expectations for these grades. The website is very informative and provides a great snapshot of what each app has to offer! Please check out the Kids Discover webpage! You can click the image above to take you there.

Here are some of the fantastic features that all of the apps offer: 
  • HD images and videos
  • 360º virtual tours
  • Scrollable animations
  • Audio narration...great way to support differentiated instruction!
  • Quizzes and questions throughout each app to support self-assessment and help students retain the facts they are learning
  • Educational discounts offered
I highly recommend downloading one of the apps for a subject you are teaching and trying it out for yourself! They are truly amazing apps that really take advantage of the multi-modal features iPads have to offer. As an EdTech researcher, I am always looking for high quality apps to include in my own studies and even my future teaching experiences. Kids Discover has gone above and beyond my expectations of a high quality app! 

Here are some personal experiences while using the apps (click each image to go to their specific webpage and see a video of the app!!):

Youth University Summer Enrichment Camp @ Brock University
  • I originally came across the Kids Discover apps while working for Youth University in summer 2014. The camp had just bought a set of iPads and being an EdTech junkie, I jumped on the opportunity to incorporate educational apps into my camps. The two camps that I found a Kids Discover app for were my Greek Mythology camp and Egyptology camp. I had never seen my camps so quiet and engaged than I did when they were reading, watching, and interacting with the Kids Discover apps! They loved the virtual tour of the Parthenon and how it changed view as they moved in a circle. So cool! It blew me away! These apps were so engaging and interactive that we ended up spending the whole morning just reading, clicking, tapping, scrolling, watching, repeating, quizzing, and learning together!!

Brock University Research
  • I have also started to use Kids Discover apps in my own research to study the effectiveness of iPads to foster 21st century skills in science and literacy. While submitting my ethics application to the District School Board of Niagara and Brock University, I had to start finding apps that I wanted to use to teach the Conservation of Energy and Resources. Luckily for me, Kids Discover has an Energy app! I am so excited to start using this app in the next few months with my grade 5 participants. It aligns so well with the Ontario grade 5 Science and Technology curriculum expectations. 

  • While working as a Research Assistant with Dr. Tiffany Gallagher last spring, I was responsible for finding some apps for her own research. These apps needed to align with the Properties of Matter grade 5 Ontario curriculum expectations. I was so thrilled when I found out Kids Discover has a Matter app to provide interactive lessons for students. It aligns really well with the Ontario curriculum. She will now by using this app in her study with the Niagara Catholic District School Board. 

Needless to say, I love the Kids Discover apps and all their multi-modal features. I really hope you check out their webpage to discover all the different curriculum topics they provide apps for! Click the Kids Discover logo to go to their webpage. 

Hope you enjoyed my review!

Rochelle :)

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