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As some of you may know from my About Me page or from my recent iPad app reviews, I have been working with the EdTech start-up company Cube for Teachers. I have been really wanting to write a review of this EdTech resource, but wanted to wait a little while until I became more knowledgeable of the Cube's features. After a month of using Cube for Teachers, I am now ready to blog about this fantastic website for teachers to connect, share, and find online educational resources.

Cube for Teachers is an online database for teachers to share and organize their favourite online resources. I have recently started using Cube for Teachers and love that I can share all of the useful apps I recommend by linking them into the Cube. My favourite feature about the Cube is that you can share and find resources based on specific curriculum expectations. For instance, I am able to find resources that have been linked by other teachers in Ontario to meet the Ontario curriculum expectations. There are resources linked into the Cube for every subject and the overall expectations associated with that particular subject. Not only does this make it easier to share your resources to a more specific audience, but it further makes it easier to narrow in on what you are truly trying to find.

Sharing resources does not always have to be based on the curriculum when linking something into the Cube. Educators can also link different tools and technology that may be more cross-curricular such as assessment tools or classroom management tools. This has really helped me link different apps into the Cube that could be used for multiple subject areas such as mind mapping apps or apps to support differentiated instruction. Overall, the linking and finding process in Cube for Teachers is very fluid and easy for anyone to use!

A great feature about Cube for Teachers to help educators navigate and store the links they find and want to save are the filters. Teachers can search for a resource and then click on a separate page to see what resources were specifically shared by other educators from their same board. Teachers can then save a specific resource to their favourites or even add the resource into one of their groups. The feature to create a group within the Cube is another fantastic way for teachers to connect at the school level. For instance, a primary teacher can create a group for all primary division teachers to share resources. These groups could further be based on individual grade (i.e., ELKP) or based on specific students. Classroom teachers, educational assistants, and administrators could all be part of the same group to share resources for a specific student on an Individual Education Plan. Overall, I believe these features are so crucial to enhance teacher collaboration within individual boards and individual schools. Cube for Teachers provides such a unique and organized digital platform for educators connect and share 21st century online resources.

One of the key features that differentiates Cube for Teachers from other online databases is its' exclusivity. Cube for Teachers only permits people with a board email to use the Cube. However, Cube for Teachers has opened its doors to higher education institutions like Brock University so that Teacher Candidates in Teacher Education programs can use the Cube to share and find resources. I know Brock University has now begun incorporating Cube for Teachers into their technology course for Teacher Candidates.

Overall, Cube for Teachers is a wonderful resource to help organize, share, and find resources for all of your classroom and teaching needs. I highly recommend using Cube for Teachers and trying to add some of your own favourite links! Collaboration amonst teachers is so important, and now that we live in the 21st century, EdTech companies like Cube for Teachers have launched very helpful digital platforms for teachers to really connect. Click on the Cube logo above to sign-up for free!

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