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Educreations is an interactive whiteboard for students to use on tablets. I have recently shared this app in the Cube for Teachers database an interactive whiteboard tool. Much like a SMART Board, Educreations is a learning platform that enhances the multi-modal features of touch-based technologies. However, as an app, Educreations allows individual or small groups of students to personalize work from tablets. Students are able to upload pictures, label concepts, write thoughts with ink tools, record thinking or communicating in groups, and share work through links or emails. Educreations further allows for multiple slides within the app so that students can expand their work beyond one screen of a tablet.

I cannot stress enough the capabilities this app has for formative assessment measures and student collaboration. After students work on Educreations, teachers can play back the whole video and audio recording showing students' progression towards their end product. As long as the teacher explains to students that they are to keep the recording feature on, Educreations is much more than a Power Point slideshow. The teacher can see students self-correcting or problem solving throughout their work. They can even see how students are editing and revising their work.

Educreations can essentially be a digital platform for students to work on in any discipline. It is not a content specific app so students can complete anything from a science lesson (as shown below) to a math lesson through the Educreations app. One way Educreations can be useful in the classroom is for problem-based math lessons. Teachers are realizing more and more the value of understanding the strategies students are using to solve math problems. Eduators are further understanding the importance of students sharing their different strategies to teach one another about how they solved a math problem. Educreations allows students to not only write their solution to a problem on the app's whiteboard, but it further allows students to playback their audio and video data so that other students can fully see how they reached their answer. I can see this being very helpful for some students who may forget all of the steps they took to solve the problem. It can be used to enhance a verbal explanation. Educreations also provides an alternative way for students to share their thinking and communicating if they are too shy to speak in front of the class. Some students may know how they solved the math problem, but just struggle to share their strategy in front of the class. Educreations essentially provides assistive features to support these students.

Overall, Educreations has the potential to support teachers' and students' needs across the disciplines. Please visit the Educreations website to learn more by clicking the icon below.

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