Engage. Assess. Digitize. Socrative!

Digital tools have been key to data driven real time assessment. Many schools have bought into class sets of clicker response systems so that teachers can set-up their own virtual assessment or assess instantly on the spot. Now that schools are buying into more high-tech tools such as tablets, app developers like Socrative have designed a digital platform for tablets to have the same, if not more, features as these clickers. I have recently shared the Socrative app into the Cube for Teachers database as an assessment tool. 

Socrative is designed between two apps. There is a student view and a teacher view. The teacher view, as shown below, allows teachers to assess students in different ways. Educators are able to formatively assess students throughout a lesson by choosing the Quick Question option. The Quick Question option allows for on the spot polling to instantly get feedback regarding students' thoughts and opinions. This means that students would enter their classroom on the student Socrative app and respond through multiple choice, true or false, or short answer questions. The type of question students answer depends on what the teacher has selected. 

Teachers can further create their own assessments by clicking Manage Quizzes. Teachers just need to choose the type of question (multiple choice, true or false, or short answer), type in the question, and add an explantation to provide immediate student feedback. The explanation is optional. Teachers also have the option to add an image to go along with a question. When the teacher is ready, all they have to do is click Start a Quiz, select the quiz, and have students enter their classroom from the student Socrative app. 

Socrative is extremely straight forward and easy to use. This app is a valuable teaching tool for educators since it is able to assess students on any knowledge across the disciplines. Socrative is just as meaningful for a Science teacher to use as it is for a Language Arts teacher. Students can be assessed on anything and at anytime within Socrative! 

One of my favourite features of Socrative is the Exit Ticket feature. This is an efficient way to formatively assess students on their understanding of a lesson. The Exit Ticket is just like an exit card system where students are given three questions to answer at the end of a lesson. Two of the questions are pre-set, and the third question you pose to students before they complete the Exit Ticket. Teachers can then use students' responses to the Exit Ticket to determine what the next steps are in their unit. For instance, teachers may notice students are not understanding the concept after completing the Exit Ticket and may need to backtrack in their unit. Here are the questions students respond to for the Exit Ticket:

1. How well did you understand today's material? 
    A. Totally got it.
    B. Pretty well. 
    C. Not very well.
    D. Not at all. 

2. What did you learn in today's class?

3. Please answer the teachers question. (I suggest writing this question on the board)

Socrative also has a really cool feature called Space Race (as shown below) where students can join a team based on colour, answer the quiz questions, and race against other groups to answer the most questions correctly. The teacher can then have students view their results of the Space Race and see what team answered the most questions correctly! I believe this activity would be a great way to review concepts or even prepare for a unit test. 

As an assessment tool, Socrative provides a lot of student data to determine how students are progressing with concepts. As shown bellows, teachers can see what questions students responded correctly to and what questions they got wrong. These data can then be sent (second screenshot below) to your email, Google Drive, or downloaded. You can also just view data in the app itself.

Overall, Socrative takes assessment to a digital level and enhances teachers' ability to monitor and track student progress across the disciplines. Take a look at the Socrative website to discover more ways of using this digital assessment tool by clicking the icon below!


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