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Definition: CourseSmart is program that allows students to find and purchase e-textbooks. Students can read their e-textbooks on multiple devices, which includes iPads! Along with an organized platform to store e-textbooks, CourseSmart offers other interactive features for students to enhance their reading and learning experience. These features include a digital highlight tool, note taking tool, and bookmarking tool. Any text that has been highlighted, will further show up in the students' Notes page, which really speeds up the quoting and citing process while writing a paper.


As you can see in the images above, CourseSmart provides students with a digital bookshelf and further allows students to highlight and add notes within the ebooks.

  1. Create an account at Any e-textbooks you would like to buy, will need to be done through the CourseSmart website. Unfortunately, you can only search e-textbooks through the app. You cannot purchase them. Once a book has been bought through it website, it will then show up in the app after you have logged in.
  2. Select the book you would like to read or make reference to.
  3. View the table of contents by selecting the little image at the top right corner
  4. Highlight text by holding down a finger over the text, dragging the selection over the text, and pressing highlight.
  5. Attach a note to the text by selecting Attach Note after the text has been selected. 
  6. Book mark a particular page by clicking the red ribbon at the bottom left corner. View all pages and bookmarked pages by selecting the four little squares at the top of the screen. 
  7. Add a note to a page by selecting the little yellow sticky note a the bottom left corner. You can add multiple notes to pages. 
  8. View all notes by selecting the image at the top left corner. Once the table of contents pops up, select Notes to view notes taken while reading or select bookmarks to view just the pages that were bookmarked. 
Here is an extra tutorial video to help you get started with CourseSmart:

Classroom Use:

CourseSmart enhances textbooks for the 21st century. It makes reading and learning more mobile and provides anytime anywhere access. By encouraging your students to purchase the e-textbook, it makes it easier to reference and work with the textbook while in class. Some group work or activities in class may be specifically related to a case study or other component in the textbook. It makes it a lot easier for students to remember bringing their textbooks to use in class if the textbook is on their devices.

When considering learning for all, CourseSmart does its best to enhance such a traditional way of learning for students who struggle to learn this way. It provides an easier way to highlight and organize notes. It further helps students remember what pages they bookmarked and why. Notes can be added to enhance the readers understanding and reflective thinking. At the bottom right hand corner, CourseSmart also provides zoom buttons to make the text larger and easier to read. The e-textbooks are generally a lot more accessible and user friendly since they stay the size of the device and are not an added bulkiness when carrying the books around.

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