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Definition: Edmodo is an app to support a flipped classroom or blended learning experience. It resembles a lot of popular social media webpages and allows students to post questions and comments to one another. It is a fantastic app to take classroom discussion online, poll students, and send out alerts. Edmodo also allows you to view the latest posts from other educators and reply. It is a lot like having a Facebook newsfeed designed just for educators!


  1. First, create an account with Edmodo. 
  2. If you are creating a group for your class, select Groups. In the top right corner, select Create. You will then be asked to put the title, description, grade, and subject area.
  3. Once you have created the group, write the class code on the white board or send students the class code. The class code can be found under your display picture when you are inside the group. 
  4. You may want students to lead their own class discussions. If so, you will need to join their group. Ask your student for the class code, go to Groups, select Join, enter the class code, and you are good to go!
  5. When you are ready to make a comment, select the plus sign in the top right corner, select Note, type your question or response, and click send. 
  6. There are also options to attach files to posts, send out alerts to group members, and poll students. 
Here is a video tutorial for Edmodo: 

Classroom Use:

Edmodo is a cross-curricular app. It can be used to enhance any of the content areas. It is a great app to support collaborative networking online. I would highly recommend using it to formatively assess your students before or during a lesson to check for understanding. If you are planning on assigning your students different weeks to facilitate group discussions, I recommend you give them the option to lead the group discussion online. This gives your students the experience of setting up a group themselves and experiencing the app from a teachers' perspective.

Edmodo also supports a learning for all approach. Students who may not be confident enough to speak during large group discussions or may need more time to think about what and how they would like to make their point may have a greater chance of success and class participation through digital networking. It provides a secure and safe environment for students to read, post, and reply within a digital classroom discussion.

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