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Definition: Educreations is a screen-casting app for teachers to create tutorials or for students to create presentations. It is a fantastic app to support a blended learning platform. Educreations also comes pre-loaded with tutorials made by other educators. When students are creating their own tutorial or presentation, the app allows students to write, draw, type, or upload pictures all while recording their voice in the process. This is a fantastic way to document students' thinking and communicating during inquiry-based or problem-based learning projects.



This image below gives a clear and concise idea as to what the features are and where they are in the Educreations App. I took this image from RMHS Rocks Help Desk.

Here is a video tutorial to help you get started!

I also wanted to mention that students should definitely create an account for Educreations. This will allow them to save their Educreations in the account and come back to them either on their own device or on a different device next time in class.

When students are ready to send their work to you, have them click 'Select' at the top right corner. Then have students select their screen-cast. Once this has been done, students need to select the box icon beside the trash can. Students can select the Mail App and email you their work.

Classroom Use:

Educreations is a cross-curricular app. It is a fantastic tool to find tutorials for students or create tutorials for your course. I also highly recommend letting your students use Educreations to create an assignment or culminating task. It is more interactive and multi-modal compared to a PowerPoint or Prezi. For students with exceptionalities, it gives them other mediums to work with to demonstrate their learning (i.e., voice recording and drawing). It further allows teachers to track the progress of their students as they form their ideas, which may help support the assessment process after students submit their final piece of work.

During group work or inquiry-based activities, have students write and record their thoughts on this screen-casting app instead of chart paper or in their notes. After students have recorded their thoughts, have them send the link to you or to their own email. They can then show the screen-cast to the whole class through the LCD projector or SMART Board.

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