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Definition: Inspiration maps is a mind mapping tool for students to brainstorm and organize ideas. Students can either use one of the pre-made templates, or they can create their own mind map. The pre-made templates can enhance lessons in the content areas and also support formative assessment measures.


Please read my iPad App Review of Inspiration maps by clicking the icon below:


  1. Open app and select Templates.
  2. Students can either start from scratch and use the blank template or they can select one of the pre-made templates.
  3. If you would like students using a certain template, make sure to specify what template they should select. 
  4. Once students are in the mind map template, they can begin to type in the bubbles, add pictures, add audio, manipulate the map, and even switch their map to presentation notes (looks more like a Word document this way).
  5. Since this is the Light version of the app, students are unable to send directly from the Inspiration Maps App. When students finish, instruct them to click the wrench in the top right corner, select Share, and choose Save to Photos. 
  6. Instruct students to go to the photos app and select the picture of their mind map. Once it has been selected, have them click the bottom left icon, select the Mail App, and have students enter your email so that they can sent it to you. 

Here are some more Tutorials on how to use the Inspiration Maps App:

Classroom Use:

The Inspiration Maps App offers a variety of apps that are either specific to certain content areas or can be used cross-curricularly. An example of an interdisciplinary mind map would be the Group Project Plan.

There are also mind maps that support formative assessment. 

Here are some examples of mind maps specific for the content areas:

Language Arts


Social Studies

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