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Definition: MindMeister is a collaborative mind mapping tool. It is a platform to support students' concept learning while also making the process digitally networked. MindMeister supports a blended learning approach and further provides a safe and secure environment for students to express their thoughts, ideas, and options during a brainstorm session. MindMeister also provides a wide variety of pre-made templates for students to manipulate through the program. The app works fantastic, but MindMeister looks just as great on a laptop or desktop computer.


This is an example of when I used MindMeister in one of my graduate courses to take an online facilitated discussion off of Sakai and to a more interactive platform. As you can see, students were able to post comments, links, and make connections between points. The only downfall to MindMeister is that the free version does not allow one to upload pictures or videos. You would need to upgrade your account to add pictures or videos.


  1. You will first need to create a MindMeister account. The email you use to create the account will be the email you give to someone when they want to share a mind map with you.
  2. Once logged into the app, your mind maps will appear on the left hand side (there will be some sample mind maps to get you started).
  3. Select the plus sign at the bottom of your screen to either create a blank map or choose a map from the templates. 
  4. Once inside the mind map, the plus and negative signs on the map allow you to add or delete bubbles. 
  5. Double click a bubble when you want to type something. 
  6. Select the little 'i' with a circle around it in the top right hand corner and click Share Map to add someone to the mind map. All you need to do is enter their email address. Choose Read-Only if you do not want to let this person edit the mind map. 

Here are some videos to further help you get started with the MindMeister mobile apps:

Classroom Use:

MindMeister is a program or app that can be used in any subject or course. It can be great for students to brainstorm, have discussions, or provide feedback to one another about their ideas. MindMeister goes beyond being a simple a mind mapping tool. It allows the owner of a mind map to share their map with others so that they can contribute or provide comments on the map.

Instead of having an oral classroom discussion, post a question in MindMeister and allow your students to collaboratively answer the question in a digital network. This app will support students who may need more time to form their thoughts and opinions. If some students are not as confident during classroom discussions, MindMeister provides a safe alternative environment for students to participate in these discussions.

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