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Definition: Penzu is a free online journalling app. It is a fantastic way to keep students' reflective journals organized online. Students can send their journal entries after every class or send them as a collective journal at the end of the term. Penzu is great for formative assessment measures and can also enhance students' metacognitive thinking.



  1. Select the Penzu App and have your students create an account.
  2. Students will then be walked through how to set up their first journal.
  3. When students are in their journal, they can select New Entry. 
  4. Students type their reflection or other written piece, which will then be saved in their Penzu account. They can also 
  5. Whenever students are expected to journal on Penzu, they can work on any iPad as long as they login to their account. 
  6. When students are ready to send their journal entry to you, they can select the gear in the top right corner and select export Export Entries. Once students have selected this, they can then enter your email and send their work to you. 
Classroom Use:

Penzu is a cross-curricular app with no specific features for the content areas. It does however enhance cross-curricular connections between content areas and literacy learning. This is a great tool to demonstrate to your students how reflective journalling can enhance an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Hopefully this can then be applied during their placements. Penzu can also be used as a word processor for students' assignments or culminating tasks. You may also want to introduce your students to Penzu Classroom. Please click the icon below to read my iPad App review on Penzu Classroom.

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